Poem for Springtime
by Farida Bamji

Morn pins it's curtain
Of silky blue
Birds of hue fill the skies
By chirping: "How do you do"?

Golden Chandelier turns
The world to gold
Nature to us such things unfold

Laughing waves waltz together
Trees keep fanning their soft green feathers
Field and meadows painted like a book
I open the book to look:

Sturdy mountains are aglow with fire
As God Apollo strings His lyre
Winds keep skipping here and there
Sweetly playing with a woman's hair
Cuckoo whispers his lullaby
For us to stop and retire

Nightingale sings
in full throated ease
Magnificent in her silvery chariot

All things become silent and quiet
Heavens open, fill the earth
with glittering light
the Angelic host proclaim

''Good Night"


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