Mother’s Day
by Paulette Demers Turco


The center of your universe? Not there.
Find just a tiny moon, reflecting light–
though sometimes barely visible, she’s near.

You’re the center of her orbit–dear
to her, her presence spinning day and night.
The center of the universe? Not there.

Lead your gaze beyond the clouds to where
the day or dark expanse of starlit night
reveals her, barely visible, but near.

She celebrates your birthdays every year;
she sees you change your world’s course–her delight.
The center of the universe? Not there.

When meteors approach, she orbits near,
deflecting dust and particles–her light,
though sometimes barely visible, is near.

While traveling on your destined path, don’t fear
her waxing, waning, fading from your sight.
The center of the universe? Not there.
Though barely visible at times, she’s near.

Poem first published in In Silence (Finishing Line Press, 2018)


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