It’s This
by Laura Foley
62 poems ~ 97 pages
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Format: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Publisher: Fernwood Press
ISBN #: 978-1-59498-103-6
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It’s This, by Laura Foley, is about the everyday things we face in life. Her poems meet readers where they live. Titles such as “Intuition,” “Radiance,” “Debut and Finale,” and “Blood in the Snow,” are more than just enticing titles. They are windows, segues if you will, into the rich mysteries of this journey we know as life. Laura holds forth her hand saying, “Come with me, let’s take a walk.”


I have been an admirer of Laura Foley’s incisive, accessible, and delightful work for many years now. Her poems ease into your consciousness and can seem deceptively simple at first. But before your know it, you’re seeing the so-called ordinary world in striking new ways, your own life suddenly “lit from inside.” The poems in It’s This are perhaps best sipped slowly, but I couldn’t stop myself from reading them all in one sitting, hungry for the wisdom and joy Laura Foley offers so effortlessly to her readers.
–James Crews, editor of The Path to Kindness: Poems of Connection and Joy

I love these quiet poems. In It’s This, with her keen eye and generous heart, Laura Foley slips beneath the rhythms of daily life to explore what might be lost: our religion, our balance, our identities, our beloveds. With these losses, Foley weaves in bright epiphanies of what might be found: the dream of being, our place in the shifting world, the willingness to say Yes and Yes and Yes, and the sweetness of what’s left behind. On every page, transformation.
–Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author of Hush and Naked for Tea

Laura Foley’s It’s This, is rich with thoughtful, moving poems. With a delicate touch, she evokes her Vermont home, her beloved wife and grandchildren, and above all, expresses an acute and tender empathy with animals, insects, all of nature. These are quiet, profound, and healing poems.
–Marge Piercy, author of On the Way Out, Turn Off the Light


The author of eight previous poetry collections, Laura Foley has won numerous awards, and national recognition–her poems read frequently on The Writer’s Almanac; appearing in American Life in Poetry, Alaska Quarterly Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Poetry Society London, Crannog Magazine and many others, and included in anthologies such as: Poetry of Presence, How to Love the World, and Roads Taken. Many of her poems have been turned into songs and performed in venues around the country, including Carnegie Hall and the Walt Disney Concern Hall. Laura lives with her wife, Clara Gimenez, and their two romping canines, among the hills of Vermont.


Speaking Meadow

by Laura Foley

Above the hermit thrush’s flute-like
rush of descending minor notes,
in a high field where butterflies sip from clover,
golden rod sways on stems
grown longer than thought could make them,
where oats grow even taller, where two dogs,
tired from a steep hike, sleep in soft grass,
where a breeze arises, ruffles the leaves,
where time has aged the barley from luscious green
to delicate, dry beige, a human’s come
to feel the day’s change, from sun-slant morning
to wide spread of midday heat,
to rest above the world of naming,
among the no less articulate meadows,
birds, insects, stones, flowers.


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