The Low Country Shvitz
by Rick Lupert
175 Poems ~ 273 pages
Price: $19.95
Publisher: Ain’t Got No Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-7330278-3-0
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In The Low Country Shvitz the Lupert family embarks upon a family vacation to Georgia and the Carolinas. This is not your “normal” (whatever that is) travelogue through the South. Anything but. Lupert’s spontaneous poems are an unending delight of tongue-in-cheek humor paired with life-wisdom. The Yiddish term “shvitz” and how Lupert uses it, is worth the modest asking price of this treasure in verse. The Low Country Shvitz is Rick Lupert’s 27th poetry collection.


The Low Country Shvitz is a poetry travel diary with the Lupert clan, as they move through Southern towns filled with history; skeletons are literally hidden in the floorboards. But the present is also loaded; gun violence is “the jazz of terrorism.” Lupert’s acute observations and fierce wit are staples throughout, as is the constant delight he takes in making Addie, his primary travel companion, smile.
–Jeffrey McDaniel Author of Holiday in the Islands of Grie

Rick Lupert brings poetical justice to southern hospitality in these new juicy and rocking poems about Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, and Charlotte. He’s sipping Sweet Tea, savoring biscuits, avoiding falling in the Savannah River while watching fireworks, learning all about pimento cheese, dungeons, dolphins, pecan pie, and navigating the Blue Ridge Parkway and its endless overlooks and more in places I’ve never been (and sometimes never heard of) and I’m from the south! Rick is the ultimate host of travelogue poetry, and it shows in this book since he can now properly use “y’all” in a poem and discovered the best thing about touring Biltmore House is the wine tasting and cheese straws. If you’re planning on visiting the not‐so‐deep south, pop this book in your suitcase for a humorous, hearty, and insightful poet’s take with poetry on places you should go/eat/stay in these quintessential southern cities. This book is the perfect blend of poems from the low country to the high country and reading it is certainly more fun than herding cats or blessing anyone’s heart! Rick brings the humidity not the heat to this new book of poems and you’ll adore it. I sure did.
–LB Sedlacek, author of Welcome to AshVegas: Asheville Poems, This Space Available, and Swim


Los Angeles Poet Rick Lupert is the author of 27 books of poetry and recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center in Venice, California. He is widely published and is willing to read poetry in your living room. He works as a graphic designer in Southern California where he lives with his wife, son and three cats.


Caution, You May Get Wet

by Rick Lupert

Addie says there is a fifty percent chance
it will rain every day of our vacation.

That’s right, it’s a vacation, so I hope you
appreciate that I’m doing all the work

of writing this book while on vacation.
I’m writing it for you. Speaking of you

I hope it’s not raining where you are.
Unless you like the rain, in which case

I hope it’s raining as much as you want it to.
As for me, although I understand the

southwest is running out of water
which is why we decided to let the lawn go

here where I am writing this book,
even before the vacation starts

because there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.
I think I lost track of where that last sentence

was going. I hope to take time away from
writing things down to lose track of things.

Anyway, I prefer it not to rain, but we’ll
pack umbrellas just in case.


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