Sightseeing at Fooshee Pass Cove
by Wesley D. Sims

Lacy lilacs by the lakeshore
paint purple beside Spring pastels
strung around the lake like a strand
of colored stones in a necklace
accented with pink pearls.
The decorated edge of the emerald lake
evokes images of dainty, crochet-trimmed
doilies on my grandmother’s dresser.
Morning sunshine sets fire to the surf,
wave crests glitter like giant diamonds
sprinkled across the quaint cove.
Black cormorants crash and dive under,
fishing in schools of shad minnows.
Brown and white osprey opt for other species
bringing up bass fingerlings squirming
in their beaks. A bald eagle soars and circles
high above the shimmering surface
waiting for a prize catch, plunges fast
and plucks a one-pounder to ferry
across to a high limb of a hickory
for a fast-food meal enjoyed in peace.


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