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by Aurora Antonovic and Christopher John Horne

Christopher:  Heart's Invocation

In time of pain or hardship, when all seems darkened blue,
Iíll  whisper spells across the sea, in hopes of finding you,
They may take flight, or swim beneath, or carry on the breeze,
But their aim is true, and just for you, to help in time of need,
So when life is a little rough, the world dark and unkind,
Fall upon my spell, my friend, to ease your troubled mind.


Aurora: Poet's Spell

Your poems, they weave a tapestry, of stardust and moonbeams,
They capture all my troubled thoughts, and wrap them in sweet dreams,
And how you twill your magic, Iím afraid that I canít tell,
But it clasps me and enchants me as you cast your poetís spell,
So donít fret about your words, my friend, for they have done their part,
Theyíve made their way across the sea and reached inside my heart.


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