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A Man for our Time - Peltier His Name
by LTC Daniel Marvin, US Army Special Forces (Retired)

The wonder of our present day:
    We have for the most forgotten our way
The past is there with proof of bad and good
    beckoning our minds to learn - Oh that we would!
From failures and victories and judgment made
    with that wisdom intact we'd not be afraid
But there are those in power who steer a course
    meant to build a new world force
Not meant to free the wise, the true and the brave
    geared only to serve the powers who would have us be slave

Perhaps we should look back in time to them who served
    to men who would stand for their friends - not to be unnerved
Men like Dr. King and Lincoln too - who stood the test
    of time and such as Leonard too did - and he did his best
For others who needed a leader - proud and strong
    One who would steer the straight course all day long
He was and is and will always be
    A friend to you and a hero to me       
Let us all put pen in hand and write those in power
    and ask that Leonard Peltier be freed within the hour
when the chimes will toll and the bell will peal
    To see a great soul and leader FREE!


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