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light will bring no dawn
by Curtis Whitecarroll

we stood in the middle of a field
watching the night churn like ditch water
light will do nothing but make the difficulties here more obvious

there is no true dawn
only moments when the sun rises
to set again

we labored on both sides of this coin of day
the brighter, the dimmer
lifting hay bales into a pickup bed
always put your knees into it, not your back,
the voice of memory says

you told me of dreams that kept you in motion
these things are all that keep you from signing your check,
you said
I admit the reasons I have not cashed in mine are a mystery
I stay alive because death may be worse than life

if it is like sleep it is a night without stars
a field without boundaries,
no barbed-wire fence to crawl between strands

perhaps you know,
although I am trying now to cut away ghosts
and scatter them into the abyss of memory,
nightly I come to visit you
on my hands and knees


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