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3 views of love and loss
by Curtis Whitecarroll


the air is cold
and wrapping ourselves in
dreams of the past
isn't keeping us warm anymore

our only way to keep from freezing
will be to huddle together

later, we can look back at this moment
long since passed, dream it, wrap our selves in it
because the world never stops being cold


somebody told you
that years before I caved in on myself like an old gold mine
that I was trying to lure you in with shining promises,
letting the ceiling collapse after you walked in

somebody told you
that I was looking for one more experience with a woman
one more story to tell
one more butterfly in a display case
one more memory for a cold night
somebody wanted to re-route you from my direction into their arms
but still, somebody was right.


I am naked now, in slumber in the ether,
I dream myself sharply dressed in a new body,
as young as my age,
and proudly displaying a new heart pinned to the cuffs of my sports jacket
ready for it to catch the eye of someone else
and to her, I will say "keep it"
I awake to hear the beating of one
that has been returned many times


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