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Tread Softly
by Alvin Beck

An impatient awakening sought,
in the subtle perversions,
of our innate nature,
laced in secrets,
and waning fingertip glances,
a romance novel daydream can be so right.

Can be so unforgiving…

Tread softly, voice of sweet whispering,
for the Sparrows are envious,
yet my heart sings for you,
along the northern banks,
my magenta queen of the sharp river,
and clay-toe shores.

Tread softly, eyes of mercury,
for the gold Heavens do not know my name.
Its void remains an elongated misery,
my fancy meteor streaking nude,
across my vulnerable cosmos.

Tread softly, desire of sanctuary,
for old Hell beckons my soul,
to fuel its passionate fire.
It haunts the memory,
like the crow married to the night,
my ache of milky skin and playful smiles.

Tread softly, body of lake and sun,
for the Moon observes you hording my Stars.
I am precious,
my ground shaker of ice,
and persistent flame.

So tread softly wayward glimpses,
for Autumn’s rainfall of the under-lined colors,
keep me distant.

So tread softly flaunting hands,
for Winter’s prime can be a cold,
solitary visit.

So tread softly chronic daydream,
for love’s word is the outmost truth,
in all of us.


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