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I Still Love November
by Wayne Allen Levine

As a boy I loved November
for the family gatherings –
the Thanksgiving feasts at
my Aunt and Uncle’s house.

I loved November for the
early Chicago snowfalls –
the ivory blanket that held
the city in its cool embrace.

I loved every floating, dancing,
or cold angry flake, depending
upon the November winds.

I loved November for bringing
The Wizard of Oz to television
every year; long before the
advent of DVD’s and On Demand.

November gave me my second
son, and claimed my father ten
years later. November brought
my mother’s stroke – which took
her speech – allowing us to
communicate more deeply . . . in silence.

November has shown me joy and
sorrow – allowed me to hold
life . . . and death, closely and unafraid.
November brought me all those
things . . . and YES! I still love November.


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