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Saying Airport Goodbye:
Older Couple Watching and Thinking (Sonnet)

by Kay Weeks

We could have told you both before you kissed
That what you want and fear is often one!
As sun's obscured by clouds and rain and mist,
Now you're forlorn, but loath to say 'alone.'

Those rivulets on windows only fall;
He'll rise to air on manufactured wings.
Then everything you've loved in random calls:
Staccato notes, odd rhythms, nothing sings.

Sad moments passed, you're back (he's really gone)
Interpreting a river's calm as loss.
Yet pebbles singly tossed denying "done,"
Create concentric bridges; time to cross.

Endless trails end—debate the thought.
Take joy as lover; ditch the why and ought.


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