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Best Friends
by Jane Lang
I watch them from a quiet cafe corner and remember
those endless lazy days stretched out carelessly - recall
so many choices and reflect; there's all the time in the
world for the young and through those two I begin to
live my journey, no...our journey, once more

They appear so carefree, only the smallest glimpse of
what lies ahead poses any threat: they are brave, strong,
independent, just the barest whiff of neediness in those
fresh-faced, expectant girls...soon to be women, with no
thought their friendship might one day disappear

They're waiting...waiting to catch the gold ring, with its
boundless opportunities, love, adventure - desperate
to live life to the fullest, yet not wanting to leave one
another for fear their world might alter, shred, ravel
like a piece of stray yarn from a torn sweater

Transported, I remember our studied nonchalance, posed
indifference of all but the doings at our small cafe table
where we spent many hours: you - dark, me - blonde, so
like those two I see from my small, intimate corner as
they sit on the edge of their great expectations

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