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What's Left
by Connie K Walle
68 Poems~89 pages
Price $15.00 US
Publisher: MoonPath Press
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What's Left is about the experiences of poet Connie Walle as she explores
a topic that many people wrestle with in life. As poet and reader look to-
gether through three life-windows: Spinning, Looking for Love and Going
through Life Backwards
, a kindred spirit develops. Walle's poems touch a
nerve. Yet, her approach is humble. Without a trace of condescension she
whispers, I know how you feel; I've been there too, here's what I have learn-
. Titles such as Sawdust, Love Letters and My Virginity Ached Like a Loose
, become a set of clean lenses. Don't look for contrived answers to life's
most compelling questions; Walle will have none of that. What she does have
is faith that her readers are more than capable of deciding, what's left.


"In potent poems almost as short as the poet, Connie K Walle covers
death, love and the passing tides of time. What's Left also offers a candid
look back at sex I the midcentury that’s as volcanic as 'the shift of the/
tectonic plates.' This poet has a sparkly wit and penchant for O'Henry
endings to keep her readers in suspense."
—Allen Braden, author of A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood

"What's Left is full of humor, pathos, compassion and wisdom. Be prepared
for the small gasp of surprise you will utter at the end of poems that you
first thought of as simple. She meets head-on the many lessons of love—
love unrequited, love passionate, love worth the pain, not worth the
pain, love passing through, love lasting a lifetime. With equal courage and
verve, she faces the specter of death, while greeting life with a high-five.
This book is a good read for a cozy night when you want to wrap yourself
in a warm blanket of humanity."
—Glenna Cook, author of Thresholds


Connie K Walle is a life-long Pacific Northwest resident
of Tacoma, Washington, and is President and Founder
of Puget Sound Poetry Connection where she hosts the
Distinguished Writer Series now in its 27th year.

Connie also founded Our own words, a teen writing
contest in conjunction with Pierce Library. It is
now inits 21st year.

Her awards include: The 2015 Amocat Award for promotion
of the arts, Margaret K Williams Award in support of the
arts, Washington Poets Association Faith Beamer Cooke
Award, Metro Parks Certificate of Appreciation, and City
of Tacoma Certificate of Appreciation for community

Connie has three chldren and nine grown grand-


Dying Wish
by Connie K Walle

Box me not in satin and pine,
but gift me of fir and flowers
or sea and shells or
             a little of both.

Mix a little sand and sage
with my bones,
let the wind call my name
             for the last time.

Don't dampen the soil with your tears
but let a wish or a prayer
be consumed in the flames
             of my passing.

Rejoice with my spirit
and if you need me
call to me in your dreams
Then           watch billboards
                                 for my answer.

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