New Gods Needed
by Claire Scott

Older gods dropping out of circulation like unread books
Gen-X and Gen-Z taking over, fresh faces choosing new gods
tired of fire and brimstone, a hell furnished by Dante
tired of rarified air stinking of deceit
tired of threadbare faith and unanswered prayers
electing new gods next November, check it out
real face to face gods who take notes and keep promises
not interested in the next life since this one needs serious work
God of Toilet Paper, of Pasta and Rice,
God of Face Masks and Rubber Gloves
Goddess of Day Care, God of Decent Haircuts
Goddess of Manicures and Soothing Massages
the ballot over two hundred pages, doubling by the second
you can pick as many as you like, the merrier the more
and yes, you can mail it in and no, you donít need a stamp

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