One with the Night
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

Prompt: use the line, "Mingle with the sounds of night" by Marcel Aime Duclos

I'm not sure what is a soul
or if I even have one
but when I recline in my
old hammock
on the back patio,
watch the light disappear
into the blackness of night
I feel as one with the quiet
soughs as trees dance
with the summer breeze.
I close my eyes, lay my head
back and something—my soul?
mingles with the sounds of night
my body releases into the symphony
—cicadas, frogs, 'gators,
night birds down in the bayou.
A symphony of joy
at being alive and, yes,
a symphony of fear at meeting
death by tooth or claw. If
I have a soul, it awakens
during these darkest hours
when it goes forth, searches,
mingles with the sounds of night.


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