The Color of Seed Pod Hats
by Joan Luther

In the distance, a figure moves along the horizon
      at a natural pace with the distant breeze
approaching the path leading into today.

Brilliant cardinals and bounding blue jays,
      pleasant purple finches and gracious golden eagles
Fly and flirt with natures’ colors on display,

Chirping and soaring in a graceful way
      around each other and offering seductive shades
As they attract the eyes of a passerby.

Dandelion seeds, milkweed pods,
      purple thistle turning to seeds in the fall,
Distribute their life into the breeze above the field,

As the hopeful seeds lift through the air,
      rotating in a natural way to land in their nest
Of a future to behold in springtime germination.

Why do the seeds seem bland in color by comparison
      to the brightly singing, flirting birds and
Other wilderness insect wings and flirtatious songs?

But the simple beauty in their floating mystery
      offers the answer to another wondrous day
And fills me with further questions of nature’s way.

I see her don her red jacket and a seed pod color hat
      to enjoy this fine company as the sky turns
Into a new season and the circle of flirtation continues

As she meets him along a natural path.


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