As They Lay

…after the painting by Guilda Dimi 
by Joan Luther

Colors of sunrise sprayed the garden
With its shades, hues, and morning dews.

Swishes of the neighbor’s cat’s tail brushed
The dust below each reaching, fingered stem.

Buds and blooms around the ground,
Scattered from the night's strong winds.

Her gentle fingers gathered each one
In her apron and teacup in her hand.

Inside, she lay each color along
The small table by her painted bowl.

His voice arrived before his bristle beard
As he leaned down to lift the rose

Then place it delicately in her waving hair.
She looked into his eyes of midnight blue,

Lifting a small branch to his beard, she closed
Her eyes to see a new paint brush emerge.

His beard melded into the branch,
Goldens and reds winding around.

Warm rays from the morning spilled into the room,
A canvas, painting the memory of the night.


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