Acrostic for Autumn
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Amber didn't know how not to be
blunt. She had
calmly tried to tell them, but her words fell on
deaf ears,
except for Charles. You could tell by the look on his
face and see his eyes
glazing over that he understood the danger. But to
halt the work now was next to
impossible. They had had to
jump through hoops to get rid of what little bit of bad
karma was
left in order to finish this job. In her
memory she couldn't recall the
nature of the problems that had befallen her father, even though she
ought to. But what was the
point? It looked like a patchwork
quilt the way they had repaired the
roof and
still it was falling down around their ears. She looked
toward the chimney and
under the eaves when a
voice like the
wind told her she had done an
excellent job.
You never know! She turned back to the blue prints with their
zigzagging lines drawn across the vellum.


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