Centennial Anthology
79 poems ~ 134 pages
Editors: Susan Rocco-McKeel & Curtis Pierce
Price: $17.00; sales tax exempt
Publisher: Poetry Society of Colorado, Steuben Press
ISBN: 978-0-578-32616-0
To Order: PSC by contacting Curtis Pierce for PayPal instructions


Compiled in the Poetry Society of Colorado’s 100th year, this anthology includes a variety of poems that reflect diverse styles and themes by its members. The Poetry Society of Colorado has been a gathering space for poets since its chartered inception in 1921. It comprises an inclusive, thriving group of creatives dedicated to written and spoken poetic arts.


“People often first think of the natural beauty when they think of Colorado, mountains, aspens, rivers, and so on. However, the Poetry Society of Colorado Centennial Anthology makes it clear that there is just as much to rave about in the creativity of the people connected with the state. And, like the diversity in the natural beauty of the state, the forms and themes inside span the gamut. Whether the visual patterns of “Voices of Many Women,” the pure dialogue of “The Sunday Discussion Group Considers Hamlet, the calligram of “Lovers,” the loss in “Life, Love and Labels,” or the traditional formal structure of “Surcease,” there is assuredly something inside for everyone. Delight in looking and finding out what poems appeal most to you.”
–David S. Atkinson, Nebraska Book Award winning author of Not Quite so Stories

“This special collection, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Poetry Society of Colorado, presents the bold and passionate talent of its members via a variety of traditional and modern poetic forms to both delight and inspire readers from all walks of life. Some poems capture the vivid imagery of a loved one, a landscape, or unique moment from the past, while others address social issues and remind us how to connect and learn from each other. Whether you’ve ever lived in or visited Colorado or not, whether you are new to poetry or not, these thoughtful poems provide a view through many lenses and the perspective of many voices to “reveal, then mask / the placid moon, the intermittent stars.”
–Trish Hopkinson, author of Footnote and Almost Famous


Susan Rocco-McKeel, J.D. is a co-author of a history book (History Press), an upcoming history book through Arcadia Publishing; and co-editor of the Centennial Anthology by Poetry Society of Colorado. She developed and conducted poetry workshops for 5th-8th grade youth. Her writing background includes: published short stories and poetry, gov-ernmental manuals, organizational training materials, grants, legal briefs, and K-8 integrated curriculum.

Curtis Pierce is the former president of the Poetry Society of Colorado and co-editor of the organization's centennial anthology. He is a graduate of Regis University and works as an analyst for the federal government. His most recent poetry can be found in the latest issue of Trailer Park Quarterly.


Red Shoes
by John Turek, Lakewood

She has a closet full
Shoes for every occasion
Not room for every pair
Need a special place
For a special pair

They reside in my closet
Her dancing shoes … the red ones
Next to my black patent leather pair
When they come out of the closet
We go dancing

Yes, they’re worn
From dancing nights away
Swirling red shoes
Inflame passions … but
Every night must come to an end

Tired shoes are returned to their closets
Passions are not tired

I lay her gently on our bed

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