After the Peak
by Paulette Demers Turco
       –inspired by Woodstock, Vermont by Chandler Anderson

Curled leaves glitter on the lawns and sidewalks,
this first November day;
thinning on maples, foliage clings while rustling
in the cool, fine rain.

Stark-white, the local church, a row of homes
face a small-town street,
rimmed with a line of fence posts topped with pumpkins
bright as tangerines.

A river birch is bared to peeling bark,
its branches stretched toward light.
Steep-sloped roofs seem poised to slide off winter
white, once piled high.

Conifers of spruce and pine retain
their viridescent hues,
dotting fenced-in lawns and mountainside
palettes of reds and yellows.

The mist and patter of fine drops add mystery
to this autumn scene.
Absent wind, this captured moment glistens–
all cared for and serene.


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