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By Christopher John Horne and Aurora Antonovic

Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur!

If love could be a thing, my friend,
A little piece of me,
Id take the stardust from my eyes
To set my spirit free
Id sprinkle it like sand across
A vast and open plain
To watch it swirl upon the storm,
And fall like heavy rain
For as I watch the play unfold,
Thus paining my minds eye
Were best to leave this love alone,
It only makes us cry.

*translation: The gods never let us love and be wise at the same time.

Christopher John Horne

Ama me fideliter, Fidem meam noto, Decorde totaliter, Et ex mente tota, Sum presentialiter, Absens in remota

If I could choose which way to go,
And how all things should be,
Id find a way to catch your love
And hold it close to me,
I would let my poetry
Speak all I have to say,
And I would take what hinders most,
And cast it all away,
Then I would feel the earth take on
Clear shades of warmest hue,
As Id take the love youve given me,
And send some back to you.

*translation:  Love me faithfully, See how I am faithful, With all my Heart, and all my Soul, I am with you, even though I am far away.

Aurora Antonovic


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