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Excerpt from pages 375 - 376 of the book HERO
by Perry Moore

I raced into the house without closing the door behind me and
bounded to the top of the stairs before the screen door had even

I burst into my father’s room, threw open the closet door, and reached inside,
grabbing a handful of plastic dry-cleaner bags. I found what i needed and threw it on the bed,
then rifled through my father’s change dish on his dresser for his car keys.

Shoving the keys in my pocket, I ripped open the plastic and stared down at my father’s uniform.

I stomped on the gas pedal of Dad’s Camaro to make it go as fast as it could.
Dad was always careful to observe the speed limit.
You should have seen the papers the time he got a traffic ticket for rolling
though a right-hand turn on a red light.

There was a line of traffic stopped ahead, a row of police cars blocking the road in front of them.
I pulled over onto the shoulder and sped forward to the front of the line.
A cop rushed over and waved his hands for me to stoop.

“You can’t go into the city,” he said as he walked over to my window.
“The governor has declared a stare of emergency. We can’t let anyone in or-----”
He stopped short when he saw what I was wearing.
Although it was a little broad in the shoulders, my father’s old costume fit nearly perfectly.

“Where are you going?” A stupefied grin appeared on the officer’s face.
I put the car in first.
“I’m going to save the world.”
Then i floored it.


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