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Another Season
by Donna Wahlert

Part 1

His small hand
his fatherís
index finger
as they follow
the blurred path
between unruly
orchard trees.
Tin pail
in hand,
the father
apple picking;
his thoughts
go deeper
like the roots
of these trees.
The red fruit
is at its peak.
These moments too
are ripe
and full,
for gathering.

Part 2

Two years later

Windfall in the Orchard

The four year old
his wicker basket;
the younger sister
down the path.
The father clasps
a hand of each
and leads them
to the trees
heavy with fruit.
the orchard,
they will learn more
than just apples today.
They will taste
the sweetness
of red,
pucker the tartness
of green.
They will notice
the windfalls
on the ground
already turning
back to the soil.
They will discover
that for everything
on earth
there is
a perfect moment.

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