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poems by David D. Horowitz
$9.95 (US)
published: June, 2012; 144 pages;
Rose Alley Press, 4203 Brooklyn Avenue NE, #103A, Seattle, WA 98105-5911
ph: 206-633-2725; e-mail:
Wholesaler: Baker & Taylor
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Advance Praise:
"In Sky Above the Temple, poet David D. Horowitz presides over a landscape that, despite unchecked sprawl, uncertain hours and the randomness of daily life, pulses with patterns and rhythms that shape our modernity. Sky Above the Temple is not only a book of verse, but, I dare say, a primer toward which future generations will look as they seek to decode the first part of the 21st century." -- Dave Jarecki, author of Backwards on the Train
"David D. Horowitz's Sky Above the Temple reads like a daybook of the work-a-day life. Horowitz's speaker travels between "bicker, haggle, overload" and "the tinder tempers of a deadlined day" to the natural, albeit urban world where "twilight sky/Glows opal" and "Freeways brighten underneath a tinge/Of moon." This yoking of the mundane with the miraculous is the driving force of this feisty, fervent book." – Martha Silano, Bellevue College

Author's Bio:
David D. Horowitz founded and manages Rose Alley Press. His most recent poetry collections, published by Rose Alley, are Sky Above the Temple ; Stars Beyond the Battlesmoke ; Wildfire, Candleflame ; Resin from the Rain ; and Streetlamp, Treetop, Star . His poems have appeared in numerous journals, including The Lyric , Candelabrum , and The New Formalist , and his essays regularly appear online in Exterminating Angel . David has edited two Northwest poetry anthologies: Limbs of the Pine, Peaks of the Range and Many Trails to the Summit . He frequently organizes and promotes poetry readings in the Puget Sound region and in 2005 received The Poets West Award for his contributions to Northwest literature and publishing.

From the Book:

by David Horowitz

Stars, Venus silverpoint. Rouge-raspberry
Horizon silhouettes the fading peaks
Above town's distant golden glint, as ferry
Recedes to black, and taillights' scarlet speaks
Far silence, shoreline roads. Commuters sigh,
Then ponder spouses, houses, kids, and bills,
Or how to win the lottery, or why
The supervisor doubts one's office skills,
Or where and when some meeting is tonight,
Or anecdote and punchline. Still, we haul,
Tote, lug, and trek--through poverty, past slight
And injury. We fall and climb and fall
And reach and fall and reach, surmount. We leave
Behind some damage, some accomplishment,
Our books and stories. Those who'll grieve
Might see us on their trail: that distant golden glint.



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