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   (After the total eclipse of the sun, August 21, 2017)
by Michael Escoubas

I've always heard
that the cosmos is indifferent
to man and yet
it seemed to speak to me
when the moon eclipsed the sun.

A prolonged state of anger
threatened to eclipse
the good we'd come to know
in our marriage

but the sun and moon,
as if to show compassion,
silhouetted a diamond ring
like the one I placed
on your finger years ago.

My thoughtless words
caused the stars to weep.
Words of healing disappeared
in the atmosphere

like the gas and dust of a comet's tail.

The ring I saw in space
remained just long enough
to bring me to my knees
then plant my feet on earth.

I was wrong to hurt you
will you please forgive me?


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