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Tasty Fright
by Jane Lang

Crispness bites the day
sharply defined; tots dream
of sweets, impatiently
waiting to be on their way

Goblins, ghosts, super heroes
awe these wee-small minds
Corn stalks, scary-faced pumpkins
caramel candy, glorious finds

Bright, changing colors abound
leaves red-orange, yellow, green
lazily, hazily, fall to the ground

meet, bend, preen, curtsy, dance
welcome a frost-sharpened day
saying Listen! Look! a chance

to hear bonfires crackle, see
long sticks held to a flame
marshmallows blackly-charred
a child's wonder-filled game

Scarves woven round necks
on a dark, starless night
"Who'll ring the bell?"
whispered with fright

As each door opens goblins, ghosts,
super heroes continue their route
deliciously scared, this is
what Halloween's all about!


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