Featured Photographer:
Sharmagne Leland-St. John

The Old Dead Tree ~ Highway 68 ~ Pilar ~ New Mexico

The Old Dead Tree is a beautiful tree along the roadside in Pilar. It became
a landmark yet, recently someone tried to saw it down. There are always
beautiful skies behind this arbor. When I see the tree after a long-distance
drive from L.A. to New Mexico, it is a great relief to know I am only
about 10 miles from home!

Tipis on Old State Route 570 ~ Ranchos de Taos ~ New Mexico

They now call this road 110 and it is what I see everyday on my way home when I
am in Taos. Like the tree alongside the road in Pilar and the barn out on Highway
530 in Arlington, Washington, (September 2011) I revisit these tipis every time I am
in New Mexico. I photograph them in all seasons and at different times of the day.
Sunset is one of my favourtie times, but this day-shot has now become my favourite

Sunset over Ranchos ~ Ranchos de Taos ~ New Mexico

I captured this photo when we were on the Studio Art Tour in Taos last month. It is
an annual event. You have a map and drive around to each individual artist’s studio.
It's an all day affair and you’ll be seeing photos from the artists and quilters I met
at this fabulous art exhibit on our future title pages. Sunset is the time we look
forward to each day. My dining room window frames the sky so beautifully and
every evening we slip outside to photograph this incredible palette in the western

Rainbow ~ Irish Road ~ Ranchos de Taos ~ New Mexico

I’ve loved rainbows ever since I was a child and saw my first one. My daughter Daisy’s
“Indian” name is “Sku Kum Kitsku” Which means rainbow in our native tongue. It was
given to her by her grandmother, my mother. I was leaving my literary agent’s home on
Irish Road when I looked skyward and saw this beauty.

Sunset view from my porch ~ Ranchos de Taos ~ New Mexico

Almost religiosly,every evening, we step out onto the porch to witness the sunset with-
out a pane of glass between us and this magnificent palette in the sky. This was one of
our first sunsets upon our arrival in early August. They just got better and better as we
moved toward September. I like that little wisp of cloud or smoke off to the right of
the photo.

Walking Rain ~ Taos ~ New Mexico

There is a weather phenomenon called Walking Rain. It is quite common in New Mexico.
Walking Rain is the name the Natives of New Mexico gave to fast summer rainstorms
that sweep across the desert leaving the air and ground refreshed.

This is how our featured Artist for July 2017 described it:
Storms sweep in from west of Taos and you can look out over the sea of sage on the
mesa and watch the weather move in. Clouds gather and scattered rain showers pour
out from openings in the dark sky, as the white veil of rain walks across the land.
Thunder and lightning accompany the light show that changes moment to moment as
the storm moves in.
” Check out her paintings in the July 2017 issue.

I loved Terry Davis’s painting so much, I purchased it to hang on the wall in my bedroom
at the casita and now I photograph Walking Rain whenever I see it in the distant skies.
I am also fascinated by lightning photos, so whenever there is a good storm, you’ll find
me out on the porch trying to capture a bolt or two.

Reflections ~ Grants ~ New Mexico

This is one of those photos I swore I’d never be caught posting to Instagram, however,
I could not help but want to share this “rearview mirror” shot with my followers. It’s
usually night-time when I drive through Grants, New Mexico, so this was a special treat
I could not help but want to capture forever, digitally.

Still Life With Sunflowers ~ Ranchos de Taos ~ New Mexico

There is always a vase of flowers on my dining room table or bedside. These beauties were
cut from the plethora of sunflowers and purple sage that grow abundantly all around the
casita. The place mat is a beaded “rug” copied from a Diné design and the sandwhich is a
salt and pepper set. The long brown pods are carob. I use them as music “shakers” when we
have jam sessions after parties.

Keep on Truckin' ~ Upper Ranchitos Road ~ Taos ~ New Mexico

This was another photo from the Taos Art Studio Tour event. After I shot it I noticed it
copiously in other people’s paintings and photography, especially on Instagram. You'll
see it again on our title page in an oil painting possibly in November.

The Potting Shed is attached to a carport and I've taken some lovely reflection photos
in the window on the west side. If you zoom in on this you'll see what looks like a
painting reflected in the window.

I hope you'll follow me on Instagram: sharmagnelstj

Potting Shed ~ Vista Linda ~ New Mexico


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