Invisible October
by Ambika Talwar

October is an invisible month
when leaves sky suddenly turn orange and overcast

Sudden fall of summer
brings in smell of sorrow as if all is aging, but

earth ever renews     we are
cycles of forgetting! Baroque tones cellos

sweep through yellowing
leaves—a fall on our face reminds of grinding cold brine

life's not over but just passages
harvest's done—bed may be warm become warmer still

but October is invisible
silvers shaking like aspen—wheat fields—abundant harvest

somehow we lose a life
or two   wonder what new visions will ignite   when

wonder where we must
travel to unravel our forbidden selves before

music disappears
from the notes…cellos merge with silent trees weeping

October—eighth month turns
orange to infinity—baby footsteps linger in mud

hearts open—cast their line
in waters flowing away before winds freeze over

aromas of winter soup
radiant with roots…curls towards us


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