I Rattle Your Windows In the Night
by Marcel Duclos

The wind. The Wind. Oh the lurid wind.
In the night. Throughout the long night.
Like a tireless beast, all night.
Ravenous. Clawing at the door.
Teeth bare. Eyes piercing window shades.
Endless rattling of the windows.
I'm coming to get you mortal.
Wake to your impermanence.
Invisible, I devour.
You belong to me frail planet.
Fire and water my allies.
We will purify your damned filth.
The time is short to make amends.
Beware the lightening, hail and snow.
And the tides. You ignore the tides
Glaciers, ice caps, shrinking forests.
You live in a glass house madly.
You delusion stockpiles of stones.
And I shout a clear fair warning.
Rattle your windows in the night.

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