White Orchids
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Ingrid loves white orchids
Dresses cut from tulle
The Ballet Russe
And lives by the golden rule

Pink champagne
And strappy red shoes
Prefers chamber music
Over a man who sings the blues

Breakfast in bed
On a silver tray
Supper at midnight
After the ballet

Cocktail parties
And fancy dress balls
Manet and Monet
Adorn her walls

A closet full of Balenciagas
Chanels and Diors
She loves cucumber sandwiches
And petits fours

Is bored by bridge
But enjoys backgammon
Rainbow trout
And wild caught salmon

Summers in the Hamptons
Winters in the Canaries
Easter in Venice
And chocolate strawberries

Prefers travel
To staying at home
Ingrid's life
Reads like a poem


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