Ekphrastic Prompt For November 2021

Afternoon Mood ~ Guilda Dimi

Each submission must have; SUBMISSION/ November 2021 Ekphrastic Prompt in the subject line.

Word Prompt for November 2021:

The rules for writing clerihews are few. They almost always begin with the name of the person who is the subject of
the poem, and often that is all there is to the first line. They consist of four lines set to an AABB rhyme format, and
their lines usually have irregular length and meter.

Lewis Carroll 
Bought sumptuous apparel 
And built an enormous palace 
Out of the profits of Alice.
— Edmund Clerihew Bentley



Each submission must have; SUBMISSION/November 2021 Word Prompt in the subject line.


Please send us new poetry which responds expressly to the photograph.
Please type your name under the title.
Please send poems in the body of an email; no attachments.
Please type poems flush left to the margin, avoid complicated indentions.

Send submissions to Sharmagne Leland-St. John

or to Michael Escoubas.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 20th, 2021


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