To Make this House a Home
by Jane Lang

It was February. Rainy, cold, no new life
outside the window; we stood in the
empty room with our dreams, plans,
goals and decided how we were going
to make this house our home.

I danced in a circle of love, it was like
a picture: my head thrown back, arms
outstretched, so much time in front
of us, so many years ahead—a
forever of tomorrows.

We shared beginnings, looked out the
window towards the future: blending,
learning, planting seeds to follow the
path our journey would travel through
the years…so many years.

Here I am in the middle of the empty room
where we stood, my reflection shines in the
darkened window lit from behind. I smile
raise my glass to a new family and dreams
to make this house their home.


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