All morning the crows
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

All morning the crows perched
on the wattle fence.

All morning I sang dream songs
wishing them away,
but they stayed.

All morning they sat
resembling undertakers
in their black shiny suits,
nodding to one another
as if they knew
some dark secret
which I was not privy to.

All morning the neighbour's Bengal cat
eyed them from behind the glass
of her greenhouse kitchen window.

All morning she had murder in her eyes.
All morning grey clouds
scudded across a dull pewter sky.

All morning it looked like rain.
All morning the crows sat hunch-shouldered.
All morning I watched them.

All morning more crows arrived
until here was no room left
on the crowded fence,
so they congregated on my roof.

They stayed until midday
then as one, they lifted their wings
and flew away.


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