Poems to Lift You Up and Make You Smile
Compiled by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, Editor of Your Daily Poem
100 Poems with contributor biographies
Price: $18.95
Format: 6” x 9” Perfect Bound
Publisher: Parson’s Porch Books
ISBN: 978-1-955581-09-7
To Order: www.ParsonsPorch.com


If ever a book of poems debuted at just the right moment, Poems to Lift You Up
and Make You Smile,
is such a book. America, and indeed the world, is slowly
emerging from the deadly swamp of Covid-19. Whether your concerns for the fu-
ture center on health, economics, politics, education, race relations or something
else, two things remain unchanged: the universal need for optimism; and the quiet
longing for hope. This book is about those unchanging values. On page after page,
smiles will curl on the lips of readers. There are aha! moments that resonate with
people’s everyday experiences. Editor Jayne Jaudon Ferrer has painstakingly cho-
sen 100 poems from her archive of nearly 4000 accumulated over the past 12 years
of editing Your Daily Poem. Her care in doing so is precisely why this refreshing
new anthology belongs on your library shelf.


“Poems to Lift You Up and Make You Smile lives up to its lofty title. Jayne Jaudon
Ferrer has carefully compiled a feel-good anthology of poems that buoy the soul.
Amid the busyness of life, these verses offer a brief up-look to help gauge direc-
tion, necessity, and speed. I love to read them aloud to change my perspective, to
open my mind to new and brighter ways of thinking, and to help me positively
seize the day. You will, too. They are a great aid to, as Jayne herself poetically
recommends, ‘Carpe carefully.’ ”
—Jonathan Johnson, CEO Overstock

“This collection of poems compiled by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer does exactly what its title pro-
claims. For anyone feeling a bit down from what's going on in the world at large—or in
your own life—these poems will remind you of all that is good in the world. In simple,
accessible, thought-provoking language, the poets gathered here express gratitude and ap-
preciation for everything from nature, animals, and grandchildren to the warm water in a
shower faucet. These are poems that celebrate kindness, good deeds, ordinary moments,
and even doorsteps. The poets in Poems to Lift You Up and Make You Smile turn disap-
pointment and frustration into humor and entertainment.”
—Lori Levy, author of In the Mood for Orange

“No less a literary luminary than early-20thth century novelist, Willa Cather (1873-
1947) offers this gem of wisdom for all who aspire to open themselves to the world
through words: ‘You must find your own quiet center of life and write from that to
the world. In short, you must write to the human heart, the great consciousness that
all humanity goes to make up.’ Perhaps most of the poets featured in Jayne Jaudon
Ferrer’s anthology, Poems to Lift You Up and Make You Smile, have never read
Cather’s observation. Even so, they understand what Cather meant. Each poem
originates from the quiet center of the poet’s heart.”
—Michael Escoubas, author of Images: A Collection of Ekphrastic Poems

"Jayne Jaudon Ferrer's concise new collection of poems manages, as few collec-
tions like it do, to showcase poetry's depth and power. Drawing on a variety of
styles, epochs and topics, the poems hearten, encourage and shine with hope. Ac-
cesssible and grounded, I find myself repeatedly opening it anywhere and being
delighted with what I find. Keep this gift within easy reach."
—David Tookey’s poetry appears in the Otter Tail County Review.


Jayne Jaudon Ferrer wrote her first story at the age of six, earned her first byline at
nine, and has been writing ever since. The author of five books, her work has ap-
peared in a wide range of publications. She is the founder and host of Your Daily
Poem.com, a website designed to share the pleasure and diversity of poetry with
those who are skeptical.

Jayne’s latest book, Poems to Lift You Up and Make You Smile, is an anthology of
poems especially selected from YourDailyPoem.com for their upbeat tone. Pub-
lished by Parson’s Porch & Company, a portion of every sale goes to a food mini-
stry program that provides bread and milk on a weekly basis to those in need.

Jayne’s love of words has allowed her to work in advertising, marketing, public
relations, journalism, and theatrics. Jayne her husband live in Greenville, South
Carolina, where they enjoy gardening, hiking, and watching old movies.


Whispers from a Bench Along the Trail

by Sara Sarna

Sit here.
I will bear you
and whatever burdens
you carry
while you breathe
the sacred air
of my forest.

Rest here.
I am old and worn
but I will hold
your memories
and dreams
in this place
trouble does not abide.

Tarry here.
There is no need
to hurry.
I was here
before today
and will remain
when you have gone.

Heal here.
And when you are ready
gather up
what is important.
Leave the rest
for the breeze to scatter,
the rain to wash away.


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