Taos Laundry Day, by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Caravan of Color
by Michael Escoubas

Wash day is no ordinary day
here in Taos. It is more like a parade
of artists in their element; designs
made of earthen colors by sun-toned
hands. Intricate weavings of rugs
and baskets; skills learned and passed
down through generations of families.
Patience and skill, interwoven with love,
lead the march. Each creation contains,
within its artistry, stories of the desert,
of sufferings overcome, of heartaches
and persecutions not of their own making.
Yet, these became the impetus for trapezoidal
colorations of hard-won victories–
triumphs ever on display in this caravan
of color on Taos laundry day …
… a day like no other at all.


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