Glorious Unrest
by Scott Shaffer

Atop Mount Gaylor, I gaze at distant hills
and hilltops draped in lush forest–

an undulating carpet, a fall-colored collage
under an azure sky streaked in white whisps–

they seem to beckon in the crisp, whistling wind,
as turkey vultures soar and search the scenic landscape.

My heart joins them in flight, cruising aloft the cool currents,
sometimes dipping or diving for a closer look.

But my photos can’t capture the magic and the majesty,
and my enchantment evaporates like dew by midday.

I’m … restless for something elusive
out on those crests, in those backwoods–

something more than a misty memory,
something more permanent, portable … and precious.

A small voice whispers words
that resound within my spirit,

echo across nature’s poetic panorama,
plunge into craggy crevices:

What glory can captivate me
fully and forevermore?

In what glory can my gaze–no, my very soul–
rest content?

Editor’s Note: Mount Gaylor is located within the Boston Mountain
ecoregion of the Ozark Mountains in northwest Arkansas.


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