Native Weaves
by Paulette Demers Turco

in response to Taos Laundry Day,
photo by Sharmagne LeLand-St. John

Sunbeams light this woven-wool array:
hand-knotted rugs are lifting in the breeze,
backdropped by cloud-filled skies. It’s laundry day.

Symbols of rivers, hills, and plains display
artisans’ crafted tales and expertise
with hand-sheared wool, homespun the ancient way.

As elders did, the weavers of today
use hand-dyed wool for Pueblo rugs like these,
on home-made, upright looms. These rugs convey

reverence for Taos history–true trustees.
Through them, pure Aztec dyes are on display.
Indigo, for blue and purple, please
the eye, with carmine’s red, siena, gray–
in diamonds, stripes, and bold geometries.


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