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911 Tuesday 9/11
by Dave LeGates

Bright and sunny skies
Tuesday morning
Nice breeze preluding
Autumn days to come

Just another day
Hustle to beat the clock
Settling in for the grind
Another cup of coffee

It a moments flash
Destruction and Terror
Disarray and Disbelief
Tears and Fears

Flames and blames
Rescues and miscues
Implosion and commotion
Dominoes no one knows

In an instantaneous moment
The sky goes black
To disguise fantasy
With dark reality

Twins die minutes apart
Taking thousands of friends with them
Anger and dispair live in their place
Where they all once stood tall

Humanity perishes quickly
Yet not fast enough to end suffering
Humans are born in the hardest of hearts
The Canyon of Heroes knows

Anxiety and prayer on the street
Where dust falls to heads and feet
Misery gets company
Putting United back into the States

Searching for loved ones
Amongst the living and not
Hoping to hear what you want
Preparing for the worst

Where our world turns now
Decides our future
No immediate answers
Too many questions

Swift retaliation satisfies
Gives people what they thirst
It can't start us over again
We are changed forever

Too much trust given
Even more taken for granted
Leads to the choatic today
When the surreal is the real thing



Some days you just want to go back to bed...

God Bless America
Hug a friend or family member
I Love You all!


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