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The Perfect Day
by Marc Power

I awaken in the darkness

as the jeweled stars subside,

and thus it begins,

nature sings,

to grace the dawning,

song-birds weave my morning,

their lyrics speak of


and my world has

come alive

once more

with pale oranges and reds


the hesitant disk

steps stealthily,

rung by rung,

up the crooked ladder of the sky

and I await that moment

of waterfall-clear and crystalline

unutterable beauty,

gold hour-glass and shining sands

measure it

the Gods that dwell in ancient lands

treasure it

and in stillness

revere the

sacred sunrise moment

when you

open up to me,

flower that greets the sun

and reveal the hidden beauties

and secret joys

you share with no-one

I bend to kiss

tears of


from your embracing leaves


in gentle winds

the perfect day

the perfect day

the perfect day



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