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Words on White
By Sara Wadington

What magic is this?
That renders my heart so vulnerable
Just poetic words
Little black letters on a white page
That's all they are
I've tried to convince myself they are nothing more
No danger at all
My heart will not wander!
I am strong!

And yet as I read on.
I begin to see the soul behind the poetry
And feel something so much more
For this beautiful being filled with wisdom and love
His words contain such charms
That causes this poor heart to fall
Just the sight of them
Can cause it to pause
And the breath to be held
My blood grows warm
As if the heart is filling
As the words flow in
So full I fear it might burst
Then such longings ignite

If only I could just for a moment touch the hand
From which these beautiful words have flowed
That brings forth such passionate emotions
To look deep into the poets eyes
To hear the voice behind those words
To feel his breath in my ear as he speaks
To long for so much more

With a pause
My heart drops
And my mind does wonder
Isn't the heart supposed to be wiser with age
This cannot be
And yet it's happened
How can this poetry
From an exotic land so far away
Slash at my heart so painfully
As beautiful words become daggers
For I know
This poetry of passion
These words of love
From the heart of the poet
Were meant for



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