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by Kevyn Clark

i wear black
because johnny cash
was the man in black
because john henry
beat that steam drill down
it's harder for you to see me
watching you
in the dark
black is the presence
of all colors
and i have never been

i wear black
because i have already been
black and blue
because of my moods
because all of my pens
are black
because gray
doesn't say enough
and the roads are paved
in black
and the tires that dance over them
are black
i wear black to match my insides
that are black
because of marlboro
and winston and
lucky strike

i wear black because
at midnight
black sings to me
and black is my uniform
and none of it is
just black and white

and my soul
my soul is a black cat
in the shadows
because black
is the color
at the bottom of a hole

i wear black
because i saw
a black man beaten
all of the black men beaten
and black women
raped and stolen
and i wear
black because
blackness holds the stars in place
like hope

and i wear black because
all of it
fades to black
and i wanted to be
the first

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