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Ruffled Eagles
by Nathan A. Baker

A lone eagle in from the timberline
Stops to rest in the boughs of a southern pine
Longleaf roosts get heavy sometimes
And break in the icy winds of Caroline.

Hear her whisper excite the pine needles
Electric words so tantalizingly warm
But woe to the wooed heart heeding
Caroline will leave it broken and lorn.

Winter snow falls light on mountainside
Sun warm in the blue and silver sky
Eagle yawns stretching his beak wide
Then he lifts his strong wings to fly

And he soars up high over Caroline
Piercing eyes set toward horizon line

A Party of One
By Nathan A. Baker

Lone eagle roosts on a limb of pine
Deep in the heart of Caroline
Gallant raptor brown in world of green
Camouflaged with face unseen

Talons sharp, flight feathers preened
His shrill is heard…a raptor’s scream
Summons warning he’s about to fly
Small oculi twitch beneath purple sky

Keen eyes watch the rodents scurry
Round and round in hustled hurry
Passing time till the wind is right
For powerful wings to take flight

Watching heaven for raptor shape
Lone eagle’s prey awaits its fate

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