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by Ed Bennett

I am the voice of the drum in the darkness
the flute’s echo on canyon walls,
I am coyote, lean and hungry,
eyes encompass everything,
hear the whisper of tomorrow’s wind.

I dance in the flame of council fires,
in the mad gyres of desert dust,
favor your fields with harvest
surprise your daughter’s belly with children –
I am the Trickster, bringer of dreams

painted on pueblo walls in my mocking dance,
my back crooked with the weight of my deceptions
I cast no shadow, leave no track
except for puzzles in the dust
that catch your unguarded toe.

Hear my voice in desert darkness,
feel the song of drum and flute,
dance with me in canyon clefts
for I am Kokopelli, the Trickster,
I am Kokopelli who dances forever.


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