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Not Aloud
by Christopher J. Jarmick

208 pages/94 poems
ISBN-10: 1936657198
ISBN-13: 978-1936657193
Publisher: MoonPath Press (August 10, 2015)
Order from: Amazon

Advance Praise:

Not Aloud presents some 30 plus years of Christopher J. Jarmick's marvelous poetry.
Jarmick's thematic territory is expansive-- family, relationships, the art of writing,
philosophy, his patented poem starters, and much, much more. His language is musical,
approachable, and memorable. His refreshing turns of phrases stand clichés on their
heads: "The clouds/are not metaphors at all./ They hide the sky,/they get fat,/sometimes
they burst,/but not with tears,/Mr. Tambourine Man,/just with rain." Full of humor, acute
observation, and deep emotion, Not Aloud is a collection you'll want to return to again
and again.
‐Lana Hechtman Ayers, author of A New Red,

About the Author

Christopher J. Jarmick is a writer/poet who has curated/hosted regularly scheduled poetry
nights, and special events in the Northwest since 2001. His last collection of poetry,
IGNITION: Poem Starters, Septolets, Statements and Double Dog Dares was published in 2010.
His frequently updated blog is PoetryIsEverything (google it as one word). PoetryIsEverything
publicizes dozens of readings occurring primarily in the Western Washington State region.

Chris' first poem was published when he was 12, he cowrote the novel The Glass Cocoon (2001),
wrote the award winning one act play: Clash of Cultures, published articles, poetry and interviews
in a variety of print magazines, newspapers and literary journals, including: Los Angeles
, Seattle Weekly, Poetry Quarterly, Real Change, Raven Chronicles, Chrysanthemum, Cambridge
Book Review
, Military Times, South District Journal, Apparel News, Reader and many others and in
several anthologies: Poeming Pigeons (2015 - Poetry Box, Many Trails to the Summit (2010 - Rose
Alley Press), Jump Start (2009-steel toe books), Between Sleeps (2006 - en theos Press), and others.
He has also published numerous articles, book and film reviews, interviews and his online film reviews
have more than 3 million views.

Currently his short poem: Dear Poem Owner is riding two King County Rapid Ride busses and the bus-stop
at 3rd and Bell in downtown Seattle features his poem and a larger than life-size picture. After co-
writing and working on several screenplays in Los Angeles he worked in several capacities including editor,
producer, writer and director at PBS, Paramount, CBS and Fox contributing to award winning documentaries
and television shows and creating segments for programs like Hard Copy and Entertainment Tonight. Born on
the east coast, he moved to Los Angeles in 1975 and in 1994 he re-located to Seattle, co-produced a radio
talk show and then became a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley (later Waddell and Reed). He has been married
to Teresa since 2010 and their blended families includes 8 children and one grandchild.

From the Book:

Today's Logic
by Christopher J. Jarmick

I squint my eyes and imagine everything
looking like a wet watercolor painting
dripping color, de-forming and bending
in ways that Dalí himself never tried.

I was thinking of making that
the title of the poem
but that was several minutes ago.

I was staring into the ozone
lost in a head-on collision of thoughts
that vaporized upon focus,
and then my cell phone

It was John Ashcroft.
He wanted me to tell him about the guy
sitting at the next table
and what kind of Denny's
breakfast special
he was ordering.
"You might be able to tell
he's a terrorist
from what he orders,"
he said quickly.
I knew better than to argue‐
Republican logic
it's simply impenetrable.
I told Ashcroft he should worry
about the guy in the parking lot instead
or what the new flavor at
Baskin Robbins is this month
and hung up.

Wait a minute I thought,
this isn't Denny's.


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