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Photo credit: Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Ode to an Underwood Typewriter
by Jane Lang

Oh, sleek, sophisticated work of art
your uses varied and from the start
I knew you and I were meant to share
a love so great it tinged the air

I met you in a room quite small
three rows of desks, nine chairs in-all
The black, the white, each key a fit
so shiny/smooth, cupped my finger tips

Those of us that met in the room each day
familiar with keys as well as carriage play
you and I led the pack, aced tests of skill
I, proficient; you my mentor of every drill

Though now long gone, replaced, resized
your memory lingers, is fantasized
Proud regal bearing, by some, misunderstood
Praise to our meeting in 1959, Underwood


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