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Alley of Unfulfilled Romance
by Candace Turner

From my balcony
I study you day after day.

You sit at the same table.
Tease a latté from eight o'clock to noon.

My hand holds a coffee cup.
You drink; I drink.

From a canvas sack slung
over your left shoulder,
you remove a journal.

My diary pages are
full of our imagined conversations.
You write; I write.

At one o'clock
you stand, stretch
stroll down our petal strewn path
to the sea.
I watch; I wait

Often you return with a bikini clad young woman.
The waiter brings a bottle of Dom P.
Glasses clink.
Air kisses exchanged.
You sip champagne; I sip rosé.

If only your eyes would gaze upwards.
Meet mine.
Together we would toast summer days.
New beginnings.


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