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"Closed For The Season"
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

The sign read

We tried to hide
our disappointment

Remembering the day
we found it tucked away
in the labyrinthine
winding alleys
on a side street
off Goumenio Square

On summer nights
in the short space of time
it took us to fall in love

An arbour of bougainvillea dropped
paper thin petals
onto the mustard coloured table cloths

As we indulged ourselves
in drinking spicy Moshofilero wine
with its rose garden bouquet
steamed cockles, fava beans,
zucchini blossoms stuffed
with feta then fried
in fruity extra virgin olive oil

The scent of freshly zested lemons
weaving perfume
into the salt sea-breeze aroma
surrounding the terra cotta potted
courtyard garden
with its views of the Aegean
in the near-distance
and Delos on the ginger
sailboat-dotted horizon

We came back on our honeymoon
only to find this chapter
in our book of memories
was "Closed For The Season"

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