The sun ignites my soul
by Deenaz P. Coachbuilder

Just another September evening at Alki Beach.
Heavy clouds labor over the Olympic mountains.
Sudden breezes ripple the restless sound,
impatient to catch the elusive sun.
Elliott Bay lies laden with cargo from distant shores.
Seagulls squall, undeceived by the early gloom,
the horizon waits, but I turn,
restless for the arms of night.

Shattering the sullen sky,
a crepuscular saffron globe blinds bird and rock
and blisters human eyes.
A molten, restless, throbbing flame
launches across the sound,
streaking over startled waves and tumbling rocks.
It touches my tingling toes
curling around my ankles
mounting through shivering veins
into the fiber of my being.

A bronze light switches off
the sun abruptly disappears.
Sky and sea merge.
The first stars whisper smokily, singing a lullaby
to the infant night.

Leaning over, my startled eyes
pregnant with blazing gleams
reflect in darkening waters
Medusa strands
a halo 'round my hair.

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