A Solution Emerges
by Gail Denham

It wasn’t so much that he worshipped
his bird; he declared he absolutely loves birdsong.
His stupid yellow canary warbled all day long.
Sometimes I felt my head would explode.

On the verge of meltdown, that day I noticed
wind rattling the screens. An idea blossomed.
I opened the sliding door. Then “accidentally”
I opened the bird cage door, just a crack.

The potted plants against the porch
moved in the breeze. The aspen trees rustled.
I felt that those beautiful flowers and the front
garden might tempt that idiot bird to explore.

After a time, I carried my tea and sat
in a comfortable deck chair, a book on my knees.
I lay back, breathing in fragrant air, wind blowing
my bangs, enjoying quiet.

Around sunset the yelling began.

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